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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brunch in the Kitschen: Waffles and Tattoos

We had time for a quick brunch this morning before Abdul had to meet with possible tailors---> btw, peep his blog:> If I like tattoos and cooking, he likes tattoos and sewing. Perfect Couple!

Abdul had the Tapsilog--> I wanna get this next time. Where can I get good steak n' eggs for brekky?

I had a bacon waffle drowning in maple syrup with a side of country sausage. I hadn't indulged in a real breakfast in so long so I totally made up for it today. So much for my diet! They're overrated anyway! ;p

(says the girl who has a photo shoot in a couple weeks) I will probably regret all this eating but whatevs!

Happy Sunday!

Pancake House Katipunan, Call 929-9006
I think they deliver too!


  1. Heaven & Eggs resto serves good steak n' eggs for brekky! :)

  2. Cool! I'll try it next time I'm in Eastwood! Thanks!