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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Restaurant Review: Crisostomo

What happens when you plan to meet up with childhood friends, most of who you haven't seen in over a decade?

You stuff your faces of course.

While I don't usually look for Filipino food, I enjoy it quite a lot when it is placed in front of me.We ate at Crisostomo at Eastwood, a place I've eaten at before and though I find their food quite pricey (We all know Pinoy food ingredients are cheap!)I don't mind eating there once in awhile.

Sizzling Balut--> This was more for the only American on the table last night. Why is it every time there's a foreigner, Filipinos insist that they HAVE TO eat balut? Half of us won't even go near the stuff! No Little duck tho--boo!

We got not one, not two but THREE kinds of rice. I don't eat that much rice on a normal basis, BUT when it's mixed with adobo sauce, crab fat or tinapa, how can I resist? No, really? The Adobo rice was my favorite.

Tinapa and Salted Egg Rice--> Like tinapa, don't like Salted Egg. I know, what's wrong with me, right?

Taba ng Talangka Rice--> Who doesn't like crab fat? it's the deadliest, fattiest, yummiest thing ever...and mixed with rice? It was heavenly. Worth feeling like crap for after.

Sari-Saring Sinugba Platter--> This was a mix of seafood and popular Pinoy food like liempo, grilled squid stuffed with tomatoes and onions and pork bbq. This is a good thing to get for a big group of people.

Tadyang ni Tiago---> I don't know what part of beef Tadyang is, but this was soooo goood. it looked really crispy to the point of not being good anymore, but damn, it was so soft and with the right amount of fattiness. Yum. I want more!

And as if all that wasn't enough, we also ordered Crispy pata. I'm picky with pork, and now that I'm with Abdul ( really try to keep my intake to a minimum. Can't resist crispy pork skin though. Oh well!

I wanna eat at Crisostomo again tonight...and for someone who doesn't really crave Filipino food, the place must be pretty good.

Crisostomo is located at 2/F New Eastwood Mall. Call 7101693 for reservations


  1. Tadyang is Loin if am not mistaken.

  2. I found out it means Ribs :D

  3. Hi Erica - love your blog and reviews on the restos you've been to. But can you include in your commentary or description how pricey it is... Even by just using dollar signs so reader will have an idea. Thanks