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Monday, May 28, 2012

Traveling Tummy-London: Barrio North

This is my last London post! Sorry if I've bombarded you all with posts from LA, Baguio and London and not many cooking posts or local reviews---I really have been in and out the past few months and next up I'll be going to Cambodia! While I'm not really a fan of their food (from my last visit) I'm willing to give it another chance.

Anyway, Barrio North-> it's a cute, kitschy little bar in Angel (North London) and I decided to have my birthday eve celebration here because it sounded and looked like such a fun place. It looked like Cinco de Mayo in LA exploded all over it... in a good way if you can imagine that. My friend Bianca said she had her birthday shebang there a couple years before so I knew I was in good hands.

Drinks were yummy and relatively cheap (about 6-8 quid a cocktail) I wanted to try everything but I got drunk after 6 so I couldn't haha.

Yummi Gummi I think this was called. SO good. I think I tried half their drink selection that night. They were all yum!

Earlier in the night--> andee and rodney making friends hehe

Everyone's chillin. DJ is playing good music.

We stayed by the trailer park. I wanted the caravan! haha!

With stylist Patrick Galang---he's gonna launch is magazine-Policy-very soon!

Last time I saw Andee was in sydney---before she left 2 years ago!

I love handwritten cards. Sadly, I don't get enough of them!

Missy and Faisal <3

Bianca and Ayian gettin' down

Right when the clock struck 12. I'm 33!!!!

The obligatory birthday shot. No tequila for me ever. If you are my friend, you will honor that. LOL Except Patron XO, that I can do.

London-based Pinoy designer Lesley Mobo <3

Tipsy and Giggly on the way home.

with my lovey Rodney! Miss you already!

I ended my night on a disgusting note...eating 2 dollar fried chicken from PFC--one of those late night, drunk people take away spots that just hit the spot when you've had too much alcohol. At that moment though, it was the best thing I ever ate haha.

It's the end of May now so one last... Happy Birthday to me. 33 years of terrorizing humanity :D

Next up...Cambodia <3

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