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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Traveling Tummy-London: Borough Market Revisited

Revisited more than once I must add! Borough Market is a staple for me when I'm in London. It's home to every single type of cuisine you might fancy (OK maybe not every single but a great selection!) There are booths that sell the awesomest looking veggies, fresh pastas, truffle products, cakes, pies, Turkish delight, chorizo, raclette---> yes the list goes on and on and on. You will most likely check your wallet later on and realize that you spent more than you wanted to, but if you are a visitor like me, then consider it money well spent.

Why oh why can't we have a good selection of fresh mushrooms in Manila. That's my biggest frustration! And when we do have it, it's mad expensive!

Different truffle products! Oils, honey etc for good prices too. I think the oil was only 5 quid.

Will make even the most adamant veggie hater want to eat vegetables!

I wanna live in London just for stuff like this (well, that's a lie. I love it period! but the produce does help!)

Yummy!I know merengue is technically big fluffy clouds of sugar but they are so good and comforting the future sugar crash is worth it!

Ended up with this for lunch. Lamb in a baguette with harissa, aioli and some veggies. YUMMO.

Too cute to eat <3

More truffle products! I got this honey last year. It was worth the 9 quid! pretty cheap for the amount I got. My friends enjoyed it to (yes I shared!)

CHEESE! Just one of the many kinds you'll spot at Borough Market!

Raclette! Omg, you can smell this stinky cheese from outside. So so so good served on top of potatoes and gherkins. I didn't get this on this trip though.

Don't feel like raclette but want cheese? the same booth sells grilled cheese sandwiches. One of the best I've had EVER.
  If you are in London, don't miss out on Borough Market. You'll totally regret it when you get home and people tell you what you DIDN'T eat! Closest station is London Bridge. Then walk over to Tate Modern and see if there's an exhibit. A whole afternoon solved :)

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