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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Traveling Tummy-London-Birthday Meal: Guanabana

Some days are just totally perfect.

I woke up really early on May 7, my birthday, because the sun was so bright. YES. The sun was SO BRIGHT. After 6 days of grey and gloom, London decided to smile down on me...for a couple hours. By 930, it started drizzling and looked like the weather was going back to what it was from the day I got there but those couple hours of sunshine put me in a great mood despite the hangover from my birthday celebration the night before (more on that in my next entry)

My friend Lani, who I met in London last year via twitter (yes, social networking bring some pretty cool people into your life) asked to take me out for lunch on my birthday at her friend's restaurant in Camden. I remember her mentioning Guanabana to me last year but I didn't get to go. Glad I got to pay a visit this time because I left stuffed, happy and filled with good conversation. 

My photos are not in order. Sorry! I had the lamb burger for lunch. See that white thing? That's a whole slice of goat cheese. I was in heaven. Cheese fries on the side.

Yes, I use my Galaxy Tab as a phone when I travel. It looks so silly haha! With Lani and with owner and new foodie friend Omar!

The menu at Guanabana.

Virgin Mojito. No alcohol served here but you can bring your own. After my drinking binge the night before, this virgin drink was exactly what I needed. I wanted to drink the entire pitcher. It was so refreshing!

Adobo knuckle beef street taco. Tender beef, sour cream, feta. I could have ordered 3 of these and made a meal out of it!

Chicken Chicharrones-served with hot sauce.

Omar brought over a brownie with a candle! For my birthday! I was so happy :) Thanks Omar!!!! The brownie was nice and gooey btw, the way I like it!

Thank You Lani, for introducing me to this place!

Thank you Omar for the birthday meal and the great foodie conversation. The three of us ended up talking for over three hours! 

Guanabana is located at 85 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London NW1 
Telephone: 0207 485 1166


  1. Wow, you, my bestfriend and my beautiful mother-in-law have the same birthday (also, my nanay-in-law is in the UK, so you were basically celebrating in the same country). Glad you had a great one.

  2. Looks like you had a blast on your day! Belated happy BURPday, pretty chef! You rock! :D

    And btw, everything you had in this place looks soooo good! That's awesome to find in London. :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)