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Friday, December 30, 2011

Traveling Tummy-Sydney: Scenes from Christmas Day

Christmas Day is always happy chaos in the Paredes household here in Sydney. We have about 40-50 people come over each year to celebrate Christmas with a potluck, barbie, games for the kids and lots and lots of singing!

beef stew

Creamy chicken casserole with crunchy bits

My favorite home-made ham! yum!

Yup, cheese! All day, everyday!

Tita Reggie hand rolled all 250 pcs of lumpia!

I had lots of left over sauce and adobo flakes so I made more adobo cream pasta

My brother manning the barbie--wings and sausages!

Thanksgiving prayers

Leeeeeeesssssss eeeeeaaaaatttt!!!

Next up, New Year's Eve. Another night of food experimentation and generally oinkness.

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