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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: Mixing business with pleasure

It took me a few days to come up with an East meets West menu for such a diverse group of people. I work part-time for a French company, so a good percentage of my colleagues aren't Filipino. I wanted to do my usual Asian with a twist but I had to make sure it wasn't too out there for people who didn't grow up here. So, what to feed 2 Belgians, 5 Pinoys (one who can't eat pork)a Frenchman and a Laoatian (by way of France and according to Gisa, Vietnam)

Chorizo cooked in red wine and garlic, served with bread and quezo de bola

My Pinoy-French (haha) fusion starter--Adobo and brie spring rolls with adobo and honey dipping sauces.

Easy peasy and yummy squid ball bombs... changed them up again so they are easier to eat-served with my favorite-nuoc cham!

For their main dish, I made Thai roast chicken with coconut mash and Vietnamese mint. I stuffed a sprig in my mouth without realizing Vietnamese mint is...mad spicy!!!

On the side we had bangus belly with chili coriander lime butter.

Guests--Tanya, Gisa with me!

Domi and Davy!

Trina, Max, Abdul and Mark!

Pod getting mad at Gisa. (hahaha)

More dinners with other workmates next time :D Good Times with lots of wine and even Max ate my non-Western food! (Hi Max!)


  1. Pod: Vietnam?! Really???

  2. LOL!
    Thanks for the yummy food!! :D

  3. Chorizo+bread+queso de bola = WIN

  4. who are all these unfamiliar faces in our home...???