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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ladies who lunch: Tin Hau

The Mandarin has always been consistent in not forgetting my birthday every year and most times i get a GC for a meal at Paseo Uno. This time, I got one from Tin Hau and it was expiring by the end of November. Not one to waste good food, I called my girl Rae to come and have lunch with me. All my GC said was "Jade Set lunch for 2" so neither of us knew what to expect.

We started with a crab claw served with jellyfish with chili and coriander. I really enjoyed this!

I THINK this was sea cucumber- something I always feel iffy about eating. It almost tastes like mushrooms, btu with a weird consistency. It's not bad but definitely a texture you need to acquire. This was served with mushrooms that were really big and meaty!

Little lobsters with a cheese sauce (the waiter said) seemed a bit off at a CHinese restaurant but good nonetheless)

Baby bokchoy in this crab sauce. Veggies for the day!

My newest favorite flavor nowadas is lemongrass so I really enjoyed this lemongrass gelee with bits of honeydew and passion fruit. It was so refreshing!

A fried taro puff for 2nd dessert. Good but really oily!

With my lunch date Rachel. Here's hoping our five year "ladies who lunch" plan happens!

Tin Hau is located at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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