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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gastronomic Giveaways FINAL WEEK PASABOG!

First of all, Congratulations to last week's winners!

Baked bites sampler goes to HANNA LEE!

The Balcony GC goes to Tricia Morente!!

Please email me at :)

Second, I know I said I would have 8 weeks worth of prizes, but what I didn't realize was that on the 8th week, I'll already be in Sydney. So, instead of doing week 7 and 8, I've decided to combine both and announce a winner by TUESDAY next week (Dec 20)

Up for grabs on Gourmet Kitschen's FINAL Gastronomic Giveaways Week:

A P500 GC from Malcom's

A P1000 GC from Rue Bourbon

A P500 GC from Gino's brick Oven Pizza

P1000 GC from OPUS

1 Box Savoury Pies from Tina's Pie Outlet

GC for a Nutty Crispy Tower from Swensen's

THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE WINNER FOR ALL THESE GREAT PRIZES!For a chance to win, simply click on the comments link and answer this question:

What is the best gift you will be GIVING this Christmas and WHO are you giving it to?

Good Luck!!! :) Contest ends Monday, December 19 11:59 pm!

Also, please visit the Gourmet Kitschen Facebook page and click like for more updates on the upcoming online show! :)


  1. I'll be preparing a holiday feast for the whole family and barkada! (para one big gift na agad for all)

    Will be preparing roasted garlic and melba toast, callos (my signature dish), honey bbq baby back ribs, pulled pork sandwiches with jalapeno coleslaw, chocolate ice cream with bacon bits, and a red velvet cake- all made from scratch :) good luck to me, huh? haha!

  2. A trip to Cebu for my family (6 of us) to celebrate my dad's birthday, Parent's anniversary and the Christmas Season. :)
    It's been 13 years since we had our last Christmas with the whole clan.
    It's a big sacrifice for me, but then knowing that my family will cherish it, then go.
    I'll also help in cooking Hamonada (which is btw my favorite) and some pastries for Christmas.

  3. Sadly, we have yet to receive our Christmas bonus and our salaries are always delayed. Whatever money I have, everything goes to expenses, and most of the time, what I have is not enough. So for Christmas, I will give my time (as this is a holiday), my love, affection and my prayers to my only daughter. Though these are not material, I know that in the grand scheme of things, these are all that she needs.

  4. Giving my man 12 of his favorite things (for 12 days of Xmas ). One is a cash donation to a charity he supports which feeds kids.

  5. I will be giving my Tatay a new mattress so he can have better sleep at night and also, I may allow my 11month old baby to play with him on the bed without having to worry about bedbugs :)

  6. I am gave my wife a new blackberry bold mobile as a replacement to her 3 year old phone. This may not be much, but you see, my wife's old phone had torn keypads, slow processor and has a life of its own because it just suddenly turns off. She could have lasted another year on the old phone but I insisted she get a new one.

  7. I meant to say- I GAVE my wife a new blackberry bold mobile as a replacement to her 3 year old phone. This may not be much, but you see, my wife's old phone had torn keypads, slow processor and has a life of its own because it just suddenly turns off. She could have lasted another year on the old phone but I insisted she get a new one.

  8. I'm taking my best friend, Maya, to Tokyo--all expenses paid (well, almost!)

    - Biba

  9. Toys for my 4 lovely children. Christmas is not happy if you do not make the lil ones merry. :) Mae AƱonuevo

  10. I am going to buy a nice pair of shirt and shorts to the boy who without any fail every Sunday would drop by at our house to collect the empty cans and bottles so he can trade it for some little amount to the nearest junk shop at such a young age of 12 he knows the value of hard work and money...

  11. I am going back to the Philippines to see my girlfriend which I haven't seen for 4 yrs. Yes, four freakin years! We will be celebrating together her birthday this December, Christmas, New Year and luckily my birthday too on January. This will be the best time of the year for us. I am not giving her any expensive material gifts this season because I know that even if I am away I can still give those things to her unlike now I want most of the time that I will be spending here will be with her and I will treat her like a princess that she never experienced when I was away.

  12. I will be giving grocery items (as start-up capital), food for noche buena and media noche and a paid 3 week vacation for my yaya who has always been there for my family. She deserves the vacation especially that she works very hard to provide for her children who are in the province. She also loves our children very much and she is really someone we can count on especially when my husband and I are in the office. We're really lucky to have her and she deserves a treat this Christmas.

  13. I'm from Cagayan de Oro and probably the best Christmas gift i could give right now is my extra savings and my time to those who need it most here. Along with my workmates, we're gonna prepare a noche buena for the displaced families and we'll celebrate Christmas eve with them plus we'll give little gifts to the little children to also remind them that Christmas is all about love and giving.

  14. I will visit the nearest LBC branch in my place and donate my son's new clothes which I am supposed to wrap this week. LBC will send the donations for free. I know for some of us, donating means used clothes but I'm making a change this year by giving the new ones. It would mean a lot to those kids in CDO and Iligan City who will be receiving them and make them believe that even though after the disaster, Christmas is still in the air. I am just blessed to have my son sleep soundly beside me that I'm sure any kid who will receive the Disney characters shirts and pjs will give away a 1000watts smile. (^_________^)
    And for my son, I'll cook him the best spaghetti I could make with truckload of meatballs on top of it. :)

  15. TRISH MANLANGIT! You're the winner!!!! PLease email me your contact details at (address/ mobile)

    I'm leaving for Sydney so I will try my best to get it sent to you BEFORE i leave (if you email soon enough) Otherwise, i will send out first thing when I get back after the New Year.

    CONGRATS! and may you all have a merry christmas!!!!