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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Traveling Tummy-Sydney: New Year's Eve dinner :D

Aaaah New Year's Eve...another excuse to experiment in the kitchen (as if I need excuses) I decided to do a roast because celebrations deserve a big roasted piece of meat, be it chicken, beef, lamb or pork and because we are in Australia where lamb is cheap, I decided to buy some and adobo the hell out of it.

Since adobo isn't really visually appealing, I had to figure out a fun way to present this dish in a creative way. So I made a cherry tomato jam and fried some onions to a crisp and went with that.

Stuffing for my Thai Roast chicken--made with water chesnuts and mushrooms among other things (best eaten with the spicy coconut gravy made out of the chicken drippings)

Chicken straight out the oven---all 4 lbs of it!

Fried the onions earlier in the day. Man I could eat this alone.

Rosemary Lamb adobo

Salad greens for my mushroom-pecorino salad

And of course...home made cherry tomato jam :)

Warm mushroom and pecorino salad. This is great as a light meal in itself!

Lamb adobo, served on garlic bread, topped with crumbled feta and served with crunchy fried onions and a smear of cherry tomato jam. This was a winner!

Thai Roast Chicken with stuffing and sweet potato mash :)

For dessert, I made grape truffles!!!! I infused the chocolate with cinnamon and rum so not really for kids!

Drunken Girls! Me and Lisette after 446596364769 mojitos!

Ananda and her playmate, Tim!

Ala with Slick Rick. I mean, mom!


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  1. Hi hi! That salad looks really good. How did you dress it? And did you just fry the mushrooms? Thanks! :)