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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: Whatever Pizza

Whatever pizzas are my favorite ones to make. I call them that because you literally put whatever you have on hand to make them. In this case, I had a bunch of leftovers from Ananda's party last Sunday so I mixed and matched the ingredients I had to create 3 different pies.

YOU too can do this. It's super simple. Just throw in ANYTHING you want. There are no rules to pizza making.

Here are some examples from last night:

Start with the basics. Either make your own crust, or buy a ready made one. I had the latter at home. Also, pick your sauce. Since I was using leftovers, I used regular tomato based pizza sauce, but you can use other things like pesto or white sauce. At Ananda's party, she and Margaux even put a peanut butter base (and no, it wasn't a dessert pizza!)

1. Pepperoni-Mushroom Pizza

Add mushrooms to the base. I also added salt and pepper and garlic and drizzled truffle infused olive oil to the crust.

next grate Mozzarella cheese all over, covering all your sauce and whatever toppings you already threw on there. Add pepperoni and sprinkle with crumbled feta.

Volia! Pizza # 1- Finito!

2.Breakfast Pizza

Add corned beef on your base. Again, I seasoned with salt and pepper and added garlic and truffle infused olive oil. Next time, I will cook the corned beef until it's crunchy first before adding.

Top with grated Mozzarella and onion rings. Right before sticking in the oven, add an egg.

And there you go- Breakfast Pizza! I got this idea from my friend's annual pizza making contest in Sydney. I think my sister actually made something like this. Long live SILOGS--- So should this be called PI-LOG? lol.

3. 3 cheese Pizza

Add pepperoni around the edge of your base, circling the whole thing. This is optional of course, but like I said...I had a lot of left overs! Leave the middle empty and add 3 kinds of whatever cheese you have lying around. In my case, I had Mozzarella, Parmesan and Feta. And yay, I also found fresh thyme in the fridge.

The yumminess of a home-made pizza! Bon Apetit!

Your turn to try! Send me photos !of your WHATEVER Pizzas!

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  1. this is making me hungry... its baaaad to read your blog in the middle of the night erica!! =P