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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Restaurant Review: Hyphy or Hyphoeey?

When we found out there was a place called Hyphy's that served Filipino-San Francisco comfort food, our first reaction was "Whuuuuuuuut?!" We were looking forward to trying it out, especially my former Bay Area dwelling boyfriend. Finally got to go last night.

First of all, there is nothing Hyphy about the place. And the music... we wanted to make them a playlist that included E-40 and Keak da Sneak because they were playing the most random stuff. Anyway.....

The Hyphy's logo is clearly inspired by the SF Giants. Even the waiters are all wearing shirts that vaguely look like the Giants' jerseys.

I kinda like how they left the pipes and stuff exposed. You don't even really notice until you look up.

Boards, boards, boards.

Of course we had to order the clam chowder---in a bread bowl (they rarely serve it that way here- if they even have clam chowder at all) It was... ok. Margaux and I thought it should be a bit thicker. I also found it kind of sweet, which was weird.

At first, I was like Umm, there is SO much raw garlic in these fries. Wasn't bad though, actually enjoyed these, although still wished they cooked the garlic a little.

Mac n' of my most favorite things to eat in the whole world. I had high hopes for you, but Alas, you let me down. You weren't horrible, but I was really underwhelmed.

Margaux's chicken fingers. She said they were good, but Hello, they're chicken fingers. I don't think anyone can get those wrong.

I quite liked my Sloppy Joe. I ate most of it but I was just so full already. I couldn't even save space for dessert. This was nice and messy though, with ground beef and the mustard dressing dripping all over the place. I must have used a hundred napkins.

Conclusion:Hyphy's is not a bad place to eat. The food isn't horrible. The service is good. It's just kind of Whatever.... There's nothing truly special about the stuff they serve. "Filipino-SF comfort food" is so vague. My Bay Area friends were just as confused. The only SF-related things we all saw were: The Giants logo reference (or rip off, you decide), the fact that the menu was divided into well-known places around the Bay Area. Haight had all veggie dishes (assuming it's because of the hippie-pothead stereotype) Mission was all Tacos and other Mexican dishes etc. and the fact that it was called Hyphy's.

Apart from that, it was just regular, whatever food.

I hear Chef's Table by the same chef (Bruce Lim) is significantly better. Go there instead.

Hyphy's is located at The Veranda, Robinsons Galleria, Quezon City, Philippines


  1. ate there once palang but I liked their pasta. i ordered the calamansi tuyo pasta :)

  2. chef's table is overrated and overpriced...

  3. That's really unfortunate. Ill get around to trying it soon enough!