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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kitschen Television: Market to Master

I am CRAZY excited for this show! My friends, the same ones who brought you Vice Ink, are launching a new show called Market to Master in a few months.It will feature another friend, and awesome chef Hylton le Roux. Check out the trailer! (and spot me in one of the future episodes! haha!)

Chef Hylton Le Roux is Guest Chef at The Establishment until mid-July. I was lucky enough to get a DealGrocer Degustation menu deal so I get to try everything. You should make that reservation now! And if you're having a party, check out his company, Pi Catering on Facebook!


  1. where can we watch the show? what channel?

  2. it's not out yet, not for a few months. Ill be sure to post a reminder closer to the date with the time and channel :)

  3. Amazing! I love watching cooking show and how exciting that this is YOUR friend, who invites you over to enjoy spectacular meals!