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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kitschen Chaos: Healthy Livin'

Actually not really. After these 2 relatively healthy starters, I gave my guests these burgers I've been experimenting on. Read on to see what was in them :)

I hate eggplant but I love Baba Ganoush- specially my version, which of course has the usual Gourmet Kitschen additions!

Followed that started with a roasted tomato salad with basil and vintage cheddar

Healthy part of the meal done. This first burger is an adobo chicken burger with adobo cream sauce, fried onion and basil.

and this second one is a breaded adobo patty with garlic parmesan cream cheese and onion jam :)


  1. can we ask for your recipe of babaganoush and adobo cream?~ jackie :)

  2. Hey jackie! The baba ganoush recipe will be in one of GourmetKitschen TV's episodes! The Vegetarian episode! Sit tight!