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Monday, January 23, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines:Traveling Tummy: VIGAN!

No drug can beat the high of realizing you are above the clouds!

We stayed at a Heritage house called Villa Angela. At first I was a bit creeped out but it wasn't scary at all!

It was actually quite homey and really beautifully preserved.

Haunted Houses-more fun in the Philippines!

Vigan Longanissa rice at Cafe Leona

Abdul couldn't have any so he got the 2 pc chicken meal

If you love antiques, you will adore Calle Crisologo!

I love how they really kept all the old structures in Vigan. Pwede naman eh. Manila?

Traditional woven blankets (called Abel I think)

The ever present Bagnet. I brought some home. Have yet to try it.

Yes, you read right. This, my friends, is a club. Through these doors you will find a modern, spacious club. It's their version of Republiq, but hardly any people.

The confusing American looking, peso bills issued by the Japanese governement

WAAAAHHHH :( I hate frogs.

Irene's Empanada. Said to be the oldest empanada place in town.

Turkish pizza

Yeah, Ive been working out ehehe

Think we grew a little bit too!

At the weavers a few towns away from where we were. Took a video of this, will post next time!

My boyfriend now wants a kalesa.

Hidden Garden: Sinigang na Bangus (with belly floating around, yum my favorite part)

Okoy. Too thick and it was cold so it was more like a pancake or omelet. Too bad.

Another empanada---this time vegetarian. It was actually pretty good even without meat. I liked the shell of this one more than Irene's.

Dirty ice cream on a hot day. The sorbetes carts are everywhere!

Last minute find: "Bibingka" I was expecting a fluffy cake but instead it was like a sticky, buttery tikoy! Either way, yummy!
Visit more of our country this year! It may not have all the trimmings of a first world country, and sometimes the bathrooms don't work (sigh), but seeing historical buildings still looking exactly the way they did in the past like in Vigan, or getting a traditional tattoo in a mountain that takes almost a whole day to get to (where Abdul is now) is such an enriching experience that really allows you to get to know yourself more- where you came from, who the people are in our history. My Philippine travel wish list includes: Cotabato to see the dream weavers, Zamboanga for the vintas, Marawi for the awesome chests and trafdtional houses called torogans (although I don't think there's much of hem left sadly) and Batanes--heard it's a different world out there! Fingers crossed!

What's on YOUR Philippine travel wish list?


  1. So no more scooter for going to work, calesa nalang? Haha :)

  2. Thanks for this post Erica. I am heading to Vigan this coming April. Wishlist ko to for my visit sa Philippines. I only have 2 weeks and to talaga ang main objective ko for this year's visit.

    -ChaCha of Canada

  3. oh ive been wanting to try that bibingka from ilocos!!

  4. Thanks for the very interesting and very informative post. I really appreciate it.

  5. Marawi my hometown! You can still find torogans but they're in the remote provinces not in the city itself :)