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Friday, January 6, 2012

Traveling Tummy-Sydney: Feel at HOME

My taste buds sometimes lock in on one type of cuisine and its all it wants for a period of time. At one point in was Indian food, another, Japanese. These days, it's Thai. All I want are the flavors of lemongrass, chili, shallots, garlic...all fused together into a medley of yumminess in my tummy.

So my dinner with friends here in Sydney finally pushed through (I had to cancel last time because Ananda was sick) and my friend Geraldine suggested HOME, a Thai resto somewhere in Bathurst and Sussex streets in the city. She warned us that we may have to line up, and that it gets packed. Sure enough, we were given a table for only an HOUR...and when we walked out, there were so many people!

Sticky rice vs regular rice. Sticky rice is the same kind they use for the mango and sticky rice dessert. Keep in inside a container like this because once exposed, the rice can go from hot and sticky to cold and bleh real quick.

Soft shell crab salad--this was yum!

Kao rad pad pik sod---crispy pork belly with garlic, chili, basil, onion and lemongrass. Holy!!! This was so good! I'm not big on pork but when it's crispy like this , with flavors that just start a party in your mouth, I can't resist!

The one thing I didn't enjoy too much, the Kui Chay---dumplings stuffed with chives and garlic. it sounded good in theory, but in real life it was weird. Not bad, just weird, in a way I didn't like.

The day after I would not have minded going again to eat that pork dish (no. 38 on the menu--do it!)

Home is located at 299 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000, Contact: T: 02 9261 5058. E:

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