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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brunch in the Kitschen: Your 12 step guide to the perfect brunch

1. Mushrooms are ALWAYS a good idea. Fresh only, otherwise don't bother! Those canned ones are a poor excuse for "mushrooms"

2. Eggs Rothko. First tried it in NYC, next time was in my own kitchen. We couldn't find brioche so we used turkish bread instead.

3. While cooking, keep your friends entertained with alcoholic beverages, like a seemingly innocent smoothie with peanut butter, chocolate...and Bailey's. Lots of it. (Plus have them bring bubbly for mimosas...then later on to drink alone, when the juice is gone)

4. Or...let them play with their food.

5. When you're done, plate your food as best you can---> we're no pros, but make an effort. Also, if your guests don't mind, use a plastic plate that you can chuck in the bin right after. In Manila, where there are helpers to do your dishes, use your fine china if you wish.

6. Be a gracious host and serve your guests :) Don't forget to smile!

7. While they are taking a break after the savory part of the meal, go back to the kitchen and stew some fresh peaches ( or apples, or pears...or any fruit you want) Steal some of the juice from your mimosas to add to your peaches.

8. Act silly with your friends while waiting for peaches to cook.

9. When finished cooking, create a "healthy" greek yogurt sundae with your peaches, and top with toasted almonds!

10. Surprise your friend who just turned 30. Buy plastic skulls for her bday cake because you know she will love them.

11. When you are too full to move, stay in your seat and dress up used bottles of wine and champagne.

12. Ask them if they want to have brunch again someday...and hope their answer is the same as Ben's.



  1. best brunch ever!!! (and best birthday cake) :) xox

  2. Everything looks so delish! You really have to put up a resto Erica!