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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leave room for dessert: Swensen's Ice Cream

I'm sure some of you have heard of Swensen's- an ice cream chain born in San Francisco in the 1940's. For those who have traveled closer to home, they also have branches in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Well, it's finally here! And you'll be happy to know that aside from the MANY flavors and YUMMY taste, the prices will make you enjoy your ice cream even more instead of regretting spending so much on a scoop. I think the most expensive thing on the menu is The Earthquake, and it is less than P600 for (I think) a 9 scoop ice cream sundae that you can share with friends. Not bad at all!

Ananda got Mr. San's babies- 2 mini scoops of ice cream (strawberry and banana) with sliced bananas and strawberry sauce (P115)

I got the strawberry, banana and cream sundae- but instead of 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, I got macadamia and almond praline. (P190)

Forever 21's Brand Manager Jane Kingsu was sitting with me that day and she got this- one of the "Chocolate Fantasy" sundaes, but I can't remember which one. Chocolate overload!!! (P220)

In order to try the other flavors (and coz we're baboy) we also got the Fondue for 2 to share. You can pick 4 flavors of ice cream and it comes with fruit and hot, creamy chocolate (P395)

And because I ate so much and had such a good time at Swensen's, I'm giving away 3 vouchers for FREE ice cream to 3 lucky readers!

3rd place-- Voucher for FREE GOld Rush Sundae (worth P190)
2nd place-- Voucher for FREE Oreo Cookies 'n Cream Sundae (worth P220)
1st place-- Voucher for FREE Earthquake Megasundae (worth 595)

All you need to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me why you love ICE CREAM and why you want to try SWENSEN'S :D

I'll pick the 3 answers I like so be creative!!! Contest ends on Monday, September 19 at 5pm.


  1. i love ice cream coz it cheers up my mood and definitely relieves all my stress! i've tried Swensen in Bangkok and SIngapore, I absolutely love it and I'm just excited that it's already in Manila! :D

  2. I open the door
    and coldness pours over my body.

    My mind is racing.

    Should I try to resist?

    And though i know
    it's not possible,
    I swear
    I hear the Swensen's ice cream

  3. I love ice cream because it never fails to turn a bad day around! i want to try swensen's because it's in MoA - my regular haunt! ;)

  4. I love ice cream for it cools me on a very hot and humid day, a picker-upper on my under the weather days, and a way to reminisce and awaken the 'kid' in me - frolicking it in a cone. There' so much to love about ice cream. <3
    I want to try Swensen's Ice Cream for as a food lover and a not-so gourmet hunter, this would mean another big food adventure that I would love to share with my friends as a post-celebration for my birthday would be today, Sept. 18. :) ☀ ♥

  5. "Pantintero" and "Mister Quack-Quack"...

    Sweaty and giggly with cousins till our tummies hurt.

    Playing all day, on a Sunday, till our clothes smell like the sun.

    "Papa", our lolo, comes home from his hospital trip of chemo, bearing gifts of blue tubs.

    "Wheeeeeeeeee!" We know what that is... pushing and shoving our way into the kitchen.

    "Papa, how was your day?", I ask. "Hard", he says, "But I'm happy now, seeing you're enjoying your Rocky Road."

    Oh how I miss my Papa, and how ice cream makes me remember how much he loved us.

    I love ice cream...

    I love my Papa.

  6. i love ice cream because for a few minutes, you forget all your problems or cares in the world, and you get to enjoy a moment of peace and happiness - even if it's just one scoop at a time.

  7. Dear Ice Cream,

    I hope you know by now that you are my silent HERO.
    You magically sweep away the stress i get from my work and studies,
    You dynamically save my gloomy day to a blissful day and
    You amazingly make movie marathon more exciting and more FUN-tastic ice cream over popcorn).
    I heard SWENSEN's has a kick ass and a knock out ice cream and you have no idea how i terribly want to taste and try it.


    Niya :)

  8. A haiku ode to ice cream:

    Ice cream gives good vibes
    Even on a crappy day
    Must get a scoop now!!!

    As for why I want to try Swensen's, I've never ever had it. After looking at your photos of their treats, my spider senses are tingling. They're telling me I'm missing out on something spectacular. I hope this entry leads me to Swensen's open doors. :)


  9. Ice cream eating is my most favorite bonding moment with my boyfriend because we both love ice cream and we both talk a lot about anything under the sun!

    I want to try Swensen's because I've never tasted it before and I'll be sharing my ice cream with him :)

  10. ice cream is my ultimate comfort food! Whether its from the so-called “dirty ice cream” from mamang sorbetero or the local brands available in the market – there’s something about it that always lifts my spirits up!
    I remember eventually liking trips to the dentist when I was young because that meant mom would buy me ice cream after my tooth gets extracted=)
    Somehow my boys (I have a 9 year old and 5 year old) have also inherited this. And this is the same bribe I use to get them to the dentist.
    I haven’t tried Swensen ice cream and from your post they sure look so yummy. I would love to win and share this experience with my little boys=)

  11. Eating Ice Cream is like water in a hot sunny day.
    It bring smiles to everyone, young and old.
    I love eating ice cream - surely Swensen's will be another favorite.

  12. I love Ice cream and i'd like to try Swensen's for only one reason: because I do this all the time. Peep!---

    Do i need to say more? ;)

  13. where is swensens located?

  14. Right now Mall of Asia,but they are expanding to other places (makati and eastwood i think) soon!

  15. Ok guys here are the winners:

    3rd place goes to RHIO ANGELINE (Happy Birthday!)

    2nd place goes to FAITH

    and the 1st PLACE EARTHQUAKE MEGASUNDAE goes to APPLE (to share with your kids!)

    Please email me at your home address and i'll mail it to you!

    Thanks Guys! Til next contest!

    PS Next time, write your name. I didn't consider those under "annonymous" sayang I liked it pa naman! ;p

  16. Homaygash! I won!!!! :) So happy! Now I can get through the work week with some sanity, knowing there's an ice cream treat waiting soon. Thanks, Erica! Hope you don't mind if I send you a virtual hug: *huuuuug!*

  17. yipeeee! a trip to MOA is in order soon as I get the voucher.I have a feeling I'll be ordering more than the one in the voucher. Hee hee.

    thanks dear!

  18. *shouts & jumps for JOY*

    Thank you so much for the vouchers & for greeting me a happy birthday, Miss Erica! I am totally thrilled & speechless right now! Thank you so much!

    Much love :) ☀ ♥

  19. Hey guys! Super busy lang now but will mail those who won by next week! COngrats all!