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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kitschen Favorites: Everyday I'm Trufflin'

I don't think I have an expensive palate so much as a diverse one. I can go from eating fishballs from the kanto for merienda to wagyu with foie gras for dinner. Like I've said time and time again, my taste buds don't discriminate and will always love whatever tastes good.

One particular food that is considered a luxury that I definitely love is the truffle. I've heard some chefs and food snobs say they would never eat anywhere with truffle on the menu--in other words, it has become like the word "diva"---> overused that it has lost it's meaning or "special-ness"

But hey, WE aren't chefs or food snobs...we just like GREAT food so to hell with what they say! I will still eat truffles with every meal if I could!

And well, now I can...and I have been. Truffles & More, a local company that carries Sabatino Tartufi products imported from Rome and the US sent me a sampler pack of some of the more basic truffle products---white truffle oil, truffle honey and truffle salt. I was ecstatic because I just finished the truffle honey I bought in London and was about to cry.

They say eat like a king for breakfast right? Well, here is something royally awesome. I used the croissanwich bread from UCC (similar to Jipan's Monroe bread) and toasted it with smoked gouda until it was nice and melted. I then drizzled the truffle honey on it before I closed my eyes and devoured breakfast.

The bottle I got in London before had truffle shavings, and this Sabatino Tartufi one had truffle bits which I prefer. You get a nice little taste in every bite.

I decided to try the truffle salt with my favorite speculoos (Biscoff) spread. Biscoff tastes like graham crackers/toffe/caramel/cinnamon crackers turned into a paste. It's the most amazing thing you'll ever taste. i think it's better than Nutella (yeah I said it!) I put some speculoos on a few crackers, sprinkled them with salt and voila! Eating like a king for merienda too!

My last blog entry featured a dinner, where I made chocolate truffles. I actually rolled white chocolate-speculoos into balls, dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled truffle salt on them. So good too!

Want to give away truffle products for the holidays, or heck, keep them for yourself? Visit Truffles & More's FB page!/trufflesandmore or email them at for price list.

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