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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kitschen Chaos: The kitchen biatch is back

So I haven't had the time to cook for friends in a long time, but since I stopped having to get up at 6 am everyday and no longer am a regular 9-5er, it's easier for me to tinker around in the kitchen again.

People ask how I come up with recipes and honestly for me, as long as it sounds good in my head, I'll try it. Some are better than others, some are hits, others are just Ok and I probably wouldn't bother making again. Whatever the outcome, you won't really know what will be good or not unless you try!

Sage adobo spring rolls with brie, served with adobo and wild honey dipping sauces. I made 60 of these and they were gone almost instantly. I thought the tangy-ness of adobo would work well with brie (since it's usually paired with kesong puti whic also has a very mild flavor)and the honey would counter the vinegar. Turned out great!

This one, not so great. It wasn't horrible, but I actually followed a recipe for this and ended up not liking it that much because it tasted, not bad, but "kulang" I think I'll be able to make this better next time once I've adjusted the recipe to my taste. It's basically tuyo, cream cheese and manchego dip baked in a pumpkin for 2 hours. It's a good idea, recipe just wasn't what I was hoping for.

Garlic Lechon kawali served with spaghetti with peanut sauce and a side of sauteed bagoong. My inspiration here was kare-kare-which is weird because I don't really like kare-kare, but I thought the flavors of the salty bagoong, sweet peanut-y pasta and lechon kawali would be good together.

This is a signature Gourmet Kitschen dish. EVERYONE and they momma loves it! This is Sinigang Roast Chicken. A regular roast chicken with distinct sinigang flavor + sinigang gravy. It's totally awesome. It's a bit burnt because I asked our cook to put it on 350, and she put it on 150! 3 hours later the chicken wasn't cooked, we turned the heat up and yan, sunog! It was still good though! Side of gabi + sweet potato mash courtesy of Miss Margaux ;p

I used to dislike bangus growing up. I thought it was boring and hated it when our cook would make it. Then, I discovered bangus BELLY. Holy crap, I just missed half my life. This is a fried bangus belly with toasted garlic and teriyaki tarragon drizzle.

So, if you follow me on twitter (@ericaparedes) you have seen my tweets about Biscoff (or speculoos) spread. I out together that + white chocolate, rolled them into balls, dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled them with truffle salt.

My new Birthday Cafe flavor---> CHOCOLATE and CHEDDAR! A dark chocolate cupcake with ganache and toasted cheddar bits. PMS has nothing on them!

Second new flavor- apple french toast--> an apple cinnamon cake with raisins and maple frosting with cashews.

Go forth and experiment! And let me know what you come up with!


  1. My mouth watered, literally! You should own a restaurant.

  2. Do you share any of these recipes?

  3. Not all, but some! :) Some need to be well kept secrets for my future restaurant hehe!