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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food Binge: Ultimate Taste Test

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend Anton Diaz' (our awesome planet) Ultimate Taste Test (UTT6) held at Rockwell. I joined the one a couple years ago when I launched HAPPY BACON and I know how stressful it cane be to be manning a booth in a food fair. Thank God this year, I was on the other end EATING instead.

I wish I took better photos but holding food with two hands was not very conducive to trying to be a professional food photographer!

Chef Luigi's Phillychangas were bomb! The cordon bleu was so-so but probably because it was cold already. The Phillychangas were good even when cold though. I wanted to ask for another one!

Gourmet Keso--- local goat cheese mixed with other ingredients such as truffle salt, garlic and herbs and cashew. This is a joint effort with Gawad Kalinga so you know tha buying this product (aside from actually being good) helps other people out!

Mochiko mochi never fails me! They featured their new Cookie Dough flavor, which was YUM, but my favorite is STILL the avocado. It's complete bliss in an ice cream ball.

Assorted starters from Cafe Med. Ok, I'm adding this as one of my favorites because I really like their falafels. BUT, one comment I have about the UTT this year is that they should stick to only home bakers or cooks or small scale up and coming food vendors. I couldn't understand why places like Sugarhouse and Cafe Med were there.I wanted to try new things!!!

My daughter really likes these. Tried it at Mercato one weekend we were there. Marla's Original Muncheez are like rice krispies treats but with cornflakes instead. It's a nice little snack!

Admittedly, I did not like Empire Macarons so much the first time I tried them, but I quickly had a change of heart when I tried them a second time at UTT. Yum yum :D

I really liked this! It was bagnet and ilocos empanada. I'm baduy, I don't like vinegar, but even then, yum... fat overload but who cares? I was there to EAT!

Unfortunately, the usual trigger happy me could not put my food down long enough to take photos but other things I enjoyed were Casa Empanada's chocolate bacon empanads (OF COURSE!), Baked by Anita's strawberry-balsamic cupcakes, Hong Kong Roast Food Express' Salted Chicken, Mi paella de Andaluz by Chef C, Tina's Pie Outlet (w/c I featured a few weeks ago) and gosh I can't even think of the others right now! Ang dami!

I know a lot of people are raving about Hyphy's Calamansi and Tuyo pasta. I wrote a review on Hyphy's in the past and w/ this pasta, I still felt the same --nothing special. Also Daim's Wasabi sausages-thought they tasted strange and a bit dry--I liked their regular sausages though.

Anyhoo, do you wanna get the chance to try some of these things I tried at UTT for FREE? Watch out for my Holiday Give-aways on my blog starting November> ONE winner EVERY WEEK for 8 weeks :)

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