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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Comfort Food: Make it fried, make it chicken

Last night I was in such a bad mood over something that had happened, so to make me feel better, Abdul asked where I wanted to eat (Yes, all it takes is food)

He started counting off all my usual haunts.."Cafe Mary Grace?" No. "Cibo?" Meh. "Cafe Med" *silence*

I looked around Town Center to see what looked interesting. Suddenly I was like "I know what I want." Pancake House Pan Chicken."--->This is one of my ultimate comfort foods and one of the only meals when I actually finish a whole cup of rice and two bowls of gravy. It's usually a good idea until it's all gone and I feel sick the rest of the day but that's never stopped me.

Always does it for me. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Pancake House is located at...well, you know where your nearest one is at ;p


  1. Agree.

    I've always thought Pan Chicken
    is marinated in Calamansi : )


  2. I think so too! Calamansi and toyo. It's just so good!!!!

  3. You are so making me miss Pancake House!