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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brunch in the Kitschen: Mickey's Delicatessen

Once a month, all the former Metro staffers try to have brunch somewhere to catch up with each other. I love these monthly pig out + chismis sessions because I genuinely loved working with these people, and we were all together for about 2 years. We're all in different places right now but good to know we still make an effort to stay in touch.

This month's Brunchies session was held at Mickey's Deli along Jupiter. Had a really healthy week last week eating nothing but salad for lunch and dinner and wheat toast and soft boiled eggs or fruit for breakfast-I was ready to pig out!

Kat had the Spaghetti with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and roasted pepper.Look at all that goat cheese---damn I would have gotten this except I don't like bell peppers of any color!

Andrea had this big mountain of Spaghetti Bolognese. I'm surprised Ananda didn't try to steal this from "Tita Vicky" (I don't know why she calls Andrea Vicky)

The Ocampos had Nurnberger sausages and chicken--w/c I didn't get a good photo of.

I had not one but 2 sausages and parmesan fries- My kielbasa and cheese krainer. technically I only ate one, because Ananda ate half of both. So fatty but so good.

Ananda also had the Margherita Pizza. It was bigger than I expected and we had a lot left over to take home.

While you are there, visit L'Artizan, the little bakery located within Mickey's. I had pain au chocolat after my hefty meal (told you I was gonna pig out) and went home with madeleines du miel, chocolate and blueberry muffins and more pain au chocolat. Since weekends are now my only days to eat junk, guess I need to finish it all by tomorrow night. Lucky me!

Wish I had better photos. It was dark in there and I hate using flash for food!

Mickey's Delicatessen is located at 144 Jupiter St. cor. Orbit St., Bel Air 2 Village
Makati. Call 896-9650 for reservations.


  1. OMGosh you made me miss my favorite!!! Mickey's cheese krainer + Erdinger beer! I love Mickey's and am glad to see that the quality has not gone down since Mickey died. I haven't been there since. Good to know.