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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Restaurant Review: Pazzo

The Gourmet Kitschen lover (aka went on a week long trek to the mountains of Kalinga to meet the 90-something year old Fang-ud and get a traditional tattoo done. After 8 days of very little communication, and for 4 days none at all, I was starting to miss Mr. Deerhunter--a lot.

He told me all about the way of life over there and some of the stuff they ended up eating (Ant eggs anyone?) so I told him I'd get his stomach back to city speed and treat him to dinner. I hadn't eaten at Pazzo in awhile and he wanted pizza so off we went.

We started off with a really rich cheese fondue made with fontina and served with garlic and parmesan bread. This could have seriously been a meal on it's own. I love cheese fondue!

This was like an Italian version of salpicao made with bites of rib-eye steak and cooked in olive oil, garlic and rosemary. It was good, but could have been cooked a little better in my opinion. Taste wise though, me likey!

We originally were going to get the 5 cheese pizza but I'm kinda glad we forgot and ordered the garlic and anchovy instead. It would have been major cheese overload and for slightly lactose intolerant me, I don't think my lactaid would have stood a chance! The crust was nice and thin and light, tomato sauce tart and there was a good amount of cheese. I wish they spread out the anchovies a bit more because my tongue hurt from the pockets of saltiness after.

I suggest you don't get too full for gelato. I only had a taste but the Guyabano flavored one was SO BOMB!

For more about The Deerhunter's Kalinga trip, keep checking his blog because he took 9 rolls worth of photos and I'm sure he'll be posting numerous entries about it!

Pazzo is located at level P1 Powerplant Mall

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