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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kitschen Essentials: My favorite food group

I think it's safe to say that carbs are by far my favorite food group. I'm sure many of you feel the same satisfaction as I do when eating a plate of spaghetti when you're mad hungry, or leisurely chewing on your morning pan de sal or ensaymada.

I already know I can't live without carbs, but I also know how unhealthy and fattening they can be. Sometimes though, you just gotta live a little.

Bread dough waiting to rise so they can be baked!

I love me my morning bagels with onion cream cheese. Yum.

Pain au chocolat- I had 3 of these in one day.... so horrible, but not. ;p

Chocolate, coffee and blueberry muffins!

I wish I brought some of this home. Didn't get to try it, but chocolate bread! OMG.

My favorite raisin bread is still from Baguio Country club...hmm, might have some in my freezer...

Next stop...Paris Delice!

Lartizan is located inside Mickey's Deli, along Jupiter in Makati


  1. please bring me home some pain au chocolat...!!!

  2. I dunno when Ill be back in Makati! Let's eat out nalang on Sunday night and buy!

  3. and yes, the best raisin bread is from Baguio country club! try their sovital bread and banana bread too.. sooo good :D

  4. i love Lartizan in Mickeys! You made my mouth water - as usual!

  5. im craving pain au chocolat right now!