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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To market, to market: Salcedo Saturdays

You will find me and my daughter at Salcedo Market almost every Saturday. I love being surrounded by food...the smells, the sights and also, people watching comes a close second after eating. Getting to do both at the same time? Dopeness!

Ananda getting ready to get her grub on...

Mini Japanese pancakes stuffed with cheese, peanut butter, jam or whatever else they have there that day. This is super yummy when fresh and hot!

Cebu lechon is also available at the market. I can't eat lechon all the time and I can't have too much of it, but damn, when I really want it, I don't stop thinking about it until I get it.

You can also buy raw produce here to bring home!

A bunch of Pinoy faves are available including inihaw stuff and that suman stand is super bomb! Don't miss out!

I love corndogs!!! But I DON'T love red hotdog :(

Ananda's usual spot...

some stuff from the Frenchie stall...

My newest favorite! H Cuisine's Angus Beef Belly. So SO SOOO good. I love how the fatty bits melt into the soft meat and it's perfect with piping hot gravy over rice.

And if you need something to go with your corndog... ;p

Salcedo Market is open every Saturday from 7am-2pm


  1. oh, that chicken tapenade from la cuisine francaise is my favorite! :D

  2. Aargh! I was at Rub Ribs in QC last weekend, and right next to them was H Cuisine. I knew I should have followed my gut and brought home some beef belly!-P.

  3. I miss Salcedo market! Thanks for the pics! We took it for granted considering it was where the dog walked 5 times a day haha! I swear we will go when we get back in December!

  4. Yummy! I am just craving with those foods. Thanks for sharing this info and I will be visiting there soon.