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Monday, August 8, 2011

Brunch in the Kitschen: A baby and a bye-bye!

All the ex-Metro staff try to hold brunch once a month, just to catch up with each other and see what's going on in our lives. This particular one was specially because instead of going out, we had a potluck at my house as a sort of Baby Shower for Miss Audrey Carpio (absolutely radiant at 7 months!) and a despedida for Bianca Consunji (currently in new York writing her first assignment at Columbia University)

It's always nice seeing everybody, even for just a few hours each month. Here's some of what we ate.

A meal is not a meal without a cheese platter. Here we have Garlic and Chive cream cheese, Taleggio, Brie with crackers, Fig Jam, Raspberry Jam and Beef Salami.

This suman is available every Saturday at Salcedo market. I absolutely love the mangga ones while Ananda likes the Saging. try all the flavors to find your favorite!

Kat brought super yummy, crunchy chicken lollipops

Creamy mushroom pasta c/o Bianca

Something interesting from Cathy Bu- lasagna tarts! This was so good!

Hungarian Sausage and mustard

Me with Mr. Jacs Sampayan, now the dashing Managing Editor of Town & Country. I didn't get to take a photo of what he brought but it was my favorite pancit from Amber's...and the pichi pichi with cheese!

Blushing Buntis Auds with me and Mr. and Mrs. Mago!

Everyone! Seeing most of the again next weekend! Yay!


  1. Hahaha Blushing Buntis is so cute.

  2. Happy to discover your blog, which Kat H. shared on Facebook. Enjoyed your post. Keep it up!

    Btw, I found myself saying "A Baby and a Bye-Bye" a couple of times out loud. It was fun! Lol! :)

  3. I find it funny how you called Jacs 'Mr. Jacs Sampayan,' lol.

  4. i like Budbud Kabog. Yummy mango & ube flavors! :) too bad they're not available everywhere. :(