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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brunch in the Kitschen:Malcom's

Looking for a place to have breakfast on a weekend? As much as I love the food markets, sometimes they amount of choices is dizzying and I just want a REAL breakfast- one that involves eggs, some kind of meat and a huge plate. I have a brunch group that meets once a month and I think I found our next spot-Malcom's at the Fort!

I can safely say that these are THE BEST pancakes I have tried here in Manila. Yes, I said it and until I try better ones I will keep saying it. Their fluffy, with a slight crispiness on the edges, and they totally melt in your mouth. These are awesome to have as a Saturday morning treat!

I've been very vocal about wanting steak lately so I didn't even think twice and ordered steak and eggs. Breakfast of (hungry) Champions! Malcom's grows their own Wagyu cows apparently and they are found in their farm in Bukidnon. What is up with these Bukidnon cows dude? My uncle has a farm there too and their beef is delicious! Don't ignore the home fries coz they are cooked in beef fat and fried onions!

They have a selection of eggs benedict but go for the Irish Benedict- Wagyu corned beef and onions with a generous amount of hollandaise sauce that isn't too thick and won't make you feel sick after a few bites.

Their lunch and dinner menu looks really good as well, with a selection of burgers and pasta and bone marrow with bread anyone? Umm, yes please! Will definitely be back here!Actually, ignore what I said in the beginning of this post, don't wait until the weekend coz they are open everyday!

Visit Malcom's at G/F Fairways Tower, 5th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Telephone: 556-3186


  1. j and i went for dinner last night in salcedo... now i wanna go for breakfast! those pancakes :) :)

  2. Did you try the bone marrow patti? I wanna go for lunch or dinner next time!

  3. you should try their salcedo branch. its the upscale malcolm's. great "steak house" interiors like you're in new york or something. real cozy. food is awesome. i think the chef who created the breakfast menu at the fort also did the food at malcolms salcedo. you gotta try their carpaccio and steak tartar.