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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Girls, Grub and Gossip: Indian!

Sarah's back from a very extended vacation so we decided to get together over yummy Indian food to catch up. I love New Bombay and I'll be sad to leave my apartment in Makati that's just a stone's throw away from it!

Get your appetite going with a few starters like Onion and Cheese Pakora and Samosas! These pakoras are SO GOOD. Ananda loves them too!

Choose your starch! We couldn't decide if we wanted bread or rice so we got both! Fried rice and garlic and cheese naan (my favorite!)

OK so this is one of my favorite dishes in the whole world--Butter Chicken! It's basically chicken cooked in spices, tomato gravy,cream and butter. It sounds so bad for you and it probably is but man, it's so good.

I tried to be good and order veggies but this was the closest I got- it's actually potato and some kind of cheese so I guess it doesn't count.

This was some kind of lamb dish. Sorry to be so useless I forgot to write down the names.

We actually got about 6 different mains--2 seafood, 2 lamb, 2 chicken plus the "vegetables" and the starches. I think we overdid it a bit but got to go home with leftovers!

Lastly and MOST importantly, choose the right company :)

New Bombay is located at G/F, Sagittarius Bldg. III, 312 H.V. Dela Costa St. Salcedo Village, Makati City. Call 819-2892. They deliver too!

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