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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yummy in my tummy: Ye Dang Korean BBQ

It's pretty easy to miss Ye Dang, a Korean restaurant right outside Metrowalk. I actually never even noticed it before until a friend suggested we try it one particular evening we were feenin' for some K-Town grub. His ex-girlfriend was Korean, and they often visited that place to eat. 

My favorite part about eating Korean food is all the little small plates of food they put in front of you before your meal comes. I always look forward to the potatoes with the sweet sauce, sweet and spicy dilis etc! I'm half full already by the time my food comes hehe!

  And of course, who doesn't love Korean bbq?

Hot coals! Be careful!!!

Pork belleeeehhhh in my belly. This was actually just ok. I ordered it because I wasn't with Abdul so I could. I think I'll stick to beef next time.

Aaaahhh that's better. Always stick to the beef!
Lastly, my favorite form of carbs-noodles!

chapcahe, holla!!!!
I'll be back! Ye Dang Korean BBQ is located at 88 Meralco Avenue, Pasig, TELEPHONE (632) 636.1461


  1. you should try the pajeon (korean pancake) next time you eat at yedang. really good!!

  2. except for the rude owner/manager & strange policies, the place was fine.

    the owner came to us yelling that each person should make at least one order. food are not for sharing.

    you cant have individual receipts, you cant wrap the food you didnt finish to bring it home.

    the owner is rude to pinoys. esp to her employees. she doesnt pay them minimum wage, SSS and Philhealth. tsk.

  3. Hehe, I think everyone would love Korean BBQ! I love them, too. I'm so glad you love it as well... When's the last time you've eaten here 'til now?