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Monday, June 18, 2012

Kitschen Chaos: Father's Day Dinner

Whenever there is a special occasion, you can always count on me to cook. I prefer to show my love through a full, happy tummy and satisfied smiles rather than giving something wrapped in a box. This Father's Day was no different, but at the same time, it was special because first of all, my entire family was together and second, I hosted it in my new apartment.

I only had 2 hours to cook as I only had time to go grocery shopping on the afternoon of. The trick in the kitchen is to plan your course of action and never panic.

Here's how our night went:

Cooking cooking cooking!

Making Beef with asparagus

Magic Sing. I swear our neighbors hate us already.

Mio and extended family and my oldest friend, Gina. We've known each other since we were 7!
  Dinner was a four course affair including a starter. Gina and my sister both brought dessert!

Originally, I was supposed to wrap the beef around the asparagus. I realized I didn't have serving dishes yet so no space, and second, the beef was all different lengths so some wouldn't hold. Oh well.

Since the fam was still on a Cambodia high, I made amok chicken :)

My favorite combination lately has been bagoong and honey or brown sugar- I used both in this dish.

When under time pressure, don't panic! It'll turn out ok!

Gina's contribution!

  My family will all be separated again as my brother goes home first today, my sister next week and my mom in July. These moments are really becoming more and more precious as we get older. 

My little family in our new home!

I love these people to death. Happy father's Day!

The two bunsos!

Hope your Father's Day was heartwarming!

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  1. Your kitschen battles are so inspiring! And you have such a lovely family. I plan to cook for my 21st birthday this year too. Hope everything goes well cuz I tend to panic but I'm getting some help from friends for it. :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)