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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Traveling Tummy: Hill Station, Baguio

My ex co-worker and friend Andrea got married to her boyfriend of FOREVER in Baguio last Thursday. She asked Ananda to be one of her flower girls months ago so we drove up the mountains last Wednesday with 7 other friends to hang out, enjoy the cold air, have Christmas dinner and to go to the wedding (some of us, at least)

Since we were all there together, we decided to have Christmas dinner and do our Secret Santa gift exchange there. Our usual Baguio haunt is Cafe by the Ruins but this time, we decided to try Hill Station at Casa Vallejo instead.

What we ate:

Complementary bread with olive oil and dukkah

Chorizo with bread...mmmmmmmm....super yum.

Tuna Tataki

Spinach Artichoke Dip (Good but I've had better!)

Our Mains:

Sarah and I had the Cocido Mexicana, a hearty beef stew with cinnamon and fried bananas on the side. It hits the spot when paired with mashed potatoes!

Abdul had the Short Rib Ragu with Fettucine---with shaved bittersweet chocolate on top.

Margaux had the baked salmon

Sorry, we started eating after and I didn't get to take any more photos! haha! The food was generally good, although service was a bit slow, considering the place wasn't even packed. I liked the whole look of the place- it fit December in Baguio perfectly.

The rest of the time, we:

Exchanged Secret Santa Presents!

Went to a pre-Wedding Barbeque

Went Ukay-ing!

Went to Andrea and Darwin's wedding

Group photo!

Baguio again in January, but first, Sydney for the Holidays!


  1. went to hill station 4 hours ago for 9 year anniv with gf. service was bad from the start. very diasppointed since the owner was right there mingling with "VIPs". ordered the black angus which was burned on the outside but raw on the insidewhich came after 30+ minutes. beef tasted very old and weird. totally not worth it. will never come back. by the way im having burning diarrhea right now. i think the beef was super old or thawed then refrigerated a couple of times

  2. stick to cafe by the ruins! im a repeat customer and never leave Baguio w/ out swinging by ruins! hope you are feeling better!