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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Restaurant Review: Borough

The Name: Borough--After New York's Five Boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx
The Claim: 247 x New York Comfort Food

Y'all know how much I love New york so any restaurant that advertises itself as new York Comfort Food will be subjected to high expectations and standards. Thing about New York is, they can have good food with or with out the ambiance. In a city where you either thrive or don't survive, people need to rely on their actual food more than anything else, and with so much competition, only the strong and consistent survive.

This was actually my second time eating here. The first was during their soft opening- like I think it was actually their very first day open. I had the Cheese Injected Portobello pita and I remember liking the taste, but being disappointed that I had cold tomatoes in a supposedly hot sandwich.

Still, The menu, which includes a lot of the things I love (Grilled cheese and tomato soup, Mac n' Cheese, Cubano Corn (Inspired by the one at Cafe Habana--with their own twist)Fried Chicken and Waffles and an all-day breakfast menu) sounded too good for me to write the place off over a few unheated tomatoes. I knew I would come back and give it another chance.

This time, I went a few months after they opened-accidentally as I was on my way home but ended up having dinner with my parents and their friends.
What I had:

Pumpkin Soup topped with a dollop of cream and fried onion rings. I liked the thickness of this soup. All too many times I have had too-thin pumpkin soup whose consistency made it go from comfort food- to flavored water. I also add a lot of onions to my pumpkin soup so I thought the fried rings were a nice touch. I would have wanted it a tad saltier though-something I get from adding pancetta to the mix when I make this soup at home. It was good though and I would get it again.

NY Strip Steak. Before I say anything else, I will say this- I am a steak snob. If it is not cooked perfectly, I will always say the one I make at home is better. Manila has disappointed me time and time again-mostly because nobody seems to know how to cook a really good medium-rare steak. It always arrives at my table medium, which for me is already overcooked.
This one was actually cooked pretty well, although I would have preferred it slightly bloodier-it was pinky-red but no blood when cut. I think this was due more to the actually piece of meat then the way it was cooked. I wasn't too happy with the quality of the steak, but I liked the taste of it, and the mashed potatoes on the side were bomb!I'm a sucker for steak though so maybe I'll try this again another time.

For dessert I had the molten chocolate cake, which was like a runny (in a good way) souffle with caramel, cream and candied peanut bits. I think this was my favorite thing that I ate that night. I was stuffed but managed to eat most of it, which my dad shared with me. I wanna try the milk and cookies next time and the Bread and Butter Pudding.

What my mom had:

French Onion Soup. She liked it but thought the serving should be a little bit bigger.
She also had the pulled pork sandwich but I forgot to take a photo!

What my dad had:

Seared Tuna Salad- a meal in itself because its HUGE! If you don't plan to share, don't order anything else because my dad couldn't even finish it!

Nice touch with the NY Subway inspired logo hehe!

Borough is located at GF, Unit 107A, The Podium Mall,12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. Telephone: 570-8906

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