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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Foodventures: The Hong Kong Files Part 3

Growing up, I had this weird misconception that street food was dirty, so I never ate it. While it may not be the most sanitary of foods, and my prior statement might be closer to the truth than I think, it is something I have grown to love.

In my early twenties, I remember eating squid balls outside PORCH at 4 am, and asking our driver to go to Katipunan and look for a fish ball vendor when I was craving. I love mango and cheese dirty ice cream and I buy taho almost every time the vendor passes through our street. I'm 31 now and still alive and kickin' so either street food ain't too bad or my stomach has developed a strong immunity to all its alleged germs.

Even when in other cities, I enjoy eating street food-and Hong Kong is no exception and Abdul and I went crazy eating everything in sight. Street food binges were a daily midnight snack for us for a week because there was a street food place seemingly open 24 hours a day a block away from where we were staying.

Who doesn't like Takoyaki? These Japanese style dumplings are essentially battered pieces of diced octopus with sauce and Japanese mayo. Had this while walking around Mong Kok.

Lobster Balls! Also on the menu were beef balls, fish balls, siomai, cheese cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon, scallops, crab claws, pork belly, and pork intestines (eek)

Didn't eat here but took photos of the random wantom, balls and veggies plus octopus and tripe.

One of my favorites- I think these are called Egg Puffs. They are heavenly little bites of sweet air. I can eat this anytime of the day!

Though not really "street food", I got this LAMB SHAWARMA at some hole in the wall Lebanese place. It was SO good. I love a good garlic sauce and I base kebab places solely on the garlic sauce. This one hit the spot, specially since I needed a break from Chinese.

Again not technically street food, but from some hole in the wall place near the Jordan station on the MTR. Nobody spoke English but there was an English menu. It was something like Buttered Garlic Wings. Eaten with Fried Rice, I was a very happy girl.

This is pretty random but I didn't know where else to put it. BLACK TRUFFLE flavored Chips. Actually, this sounds better than it tasted. Not that it wasn't good, I guess I was just expecting more (Although for HK$ 10 I dunno why I did)

Hong Kong Files- DONE. Next trip is to Sydney this December to spend Christmas with the fam. I'll be blogging about my favorite places to eat there for sure! Between then and now though, expect more kitschen chaos, foodventures and restaurant reviews around Manila!

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